Memorial Lectures

George Whitfield Memorial Lecture

Dr George Whitfield was in 1950 the founding Secretary of the WMPA. Following his death in 1984 he was commemorated by the foundation of an annual memorial lecture in his name.

Please find below a list of Previous George Whitfield lecturers:

2016: Professor Julian Bion

2015: Professor Sir Stephen O’Rahilly

2014: Dr. Fiona Godlee

2013: Professor John Feehally

2012: Professor Edwin Gale

2011: Professor Gareth Williams

2010: 60th Anniversary Meeting: no George Whitfield Lecture

2009: Dr. David Owen

2008: Professor Andrew Hattersley

2007: Professor David Chadwick

2006: Professor Peter Rothwell

2005: Professor Charles Pusey

2004: Professor David Matthews

2003: Dr. Richard Taylor

2002: Professor Simon Wessley

2001: Professor Richard Frackowiak

2000: Grand Jubilee Meeting: no George Whitfield Lecture

1999: Professor RG Will

1998: Professor J Scott

1997: Dr. FP Ryan

1996: Professor Sir Raymond Hoffenberg

1995: Professor WI McDonald